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[Newspaper] The soul of Seoul

Yesterday in the newspaper i found some article about Korea. It was about the soul of korea and the things you really should do when you go there.

What it's writing in this article are the 5 things you need to do when you go to seoul! and also the best times to travel to korea


The soul of Seoul

Big chance that you don't directly get travel Jitters when you think about south-korea. That is why the Metro give 5 travel tips to dream away. 

 1. Explore the metropool of 25 million
    The coming in the endless tangle of Daewoo car's, Samsung skycrabbers and Hyundai shopping centra is more overwelming then 3 crazy days in the beefhive (Bijenkorf). Start your travel in Seoul slowly. Get into the rhythm in the palace of Changdeok, across the Cheonggyeriver or the student area Hongik, where saterdays the students sell handmade bags, impellers and commic books. In the evening you go via Namdaemunmarket, where you can be amazed on the silkworms with lots of omega-3 and preserving jars with ginseng roots to Namsan. That hill is like an island in the concrete jungle, where you look down from the Korean version of the Euromast. Still not a culture shock? Visit the 30,000 stores of Dongdaemun, because they are open all night.

2. Climb the roof of the city

the best thing Bukhanberg, just outside Seoul, the Koreans are reluctant scramble in the weekends. Because although you can stand within two hours they get halfway up the climb their rolled Sushie and kimchi (fermented cabbage) from their backpacks. They drink soju-like pine needles with a drink as strong as vodka and fresh as the pine forest. with a good drink they will meet the last leg that runs along Buddhist temples, on stairs and through a few meters of steel cables to the top. Are you there with the Koreans, then you have a 360 degree panorama of the metropolis and surrounding mountains. Maybe you can see on the horizon are. Even North Korea

3.Experience tensions on the border

There is no border in the world where the tension is so intense as on the border of North Korea and South Korea. with an excursion bus you can visit the border area from the capital. which is only 53 kilometers away. The tour starts with the signing of a waiver after you enter the domain of bunkers, roadblocks, secret tunnels and tanks escorted by armed American soldiers. Every now and then you look at absurd propaganda flags or lifeless cities in North Korea. Right on the border near panmunjom, are sometimes barracks where discussions take place between north and south. walk a circle around the conference table in the middle you can only hope that the door suddenly flies open on the north side.

4. Sweat it out in the bathhouse

of a regular sauna is a korean not hot or cold, because living is at least once a month in a bathhouse. The ritual in such jumjulbang starts on a plastic stool in front of the mirror. Poodle Nude is cleaned, shaved and scrubbed. After a round Finnish saunas is the float ride in the healing baths. What exactly is it depends on the bathhouse. With some luck you should do it with mineral rich water, but in a little jimjilbang badder you coffee, pine needles, mud or bitter ginseng. In the mixed space lie in your one size fits all t-shirt and shorts puffing on salt stone gravel or sit next to a snowman in the ice room. A movie theater, dormitory and internet space belong anywhere as standard, because in Korean bathhouses is the day and night sweats and play.

5. Live with the monks

There is also a south korea where time stands still for centuries. Buddhist blush berfachtige parameters are spread over the area of the peninsula. whom the pace of the forest and the mountains wants to experience staying in a temple. Often the complexes consist of a collection of painted wooden buildings with gel walls and curved eaves, texts with chinese wijheden, Buddha images and a lot of rest. During the day you follow the tea ceremonies, discuss about your wisdom, you eat vegan, you mumbling mantras and meditate with the monks. Thus there around four o'clock in the morning 108 times kneeling on a cushion. Although you this in the middle of the night on your tatami is tumbled, gives meditating under the watchful eye of a smiling Buddha a real euphoric feeling.

Some practical things for those who want to south korea.
- To go there (from Netherlands) can fly to Seoul from 599 euros, a three-month visa issued upon arrival.

Best travel times. Winters and summers are hot and wet bar. Therefore travel in April, May, June, September or October.

Health. Protection against hepatitis A and DTP get recommended.

Hotels, a hotel room can be a gamble. Western chains such as Best Western are barely more expensive but a safe choice
[Transelation still not good still for check up used google transelate as base]   


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