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[HISTORY] The last prince of korea

As you probebly know about korea, in the past they used to have a king and a queen, but why not anymore. Of course is wikipedia and other sites my big friend in this question.

I heard the story from somebody else, about a prince who felt in love with a european girl. She told me the girl was dutch, but when i was looking online i found the truth. The story she told me really happened. But the girl wasn't dutch.

So let's start at the begin of it, Prince Yi Ku (was a claimant to the throne of Korea) was born 29 December 1931, 
Yi Gu at a young age

Gu was born in Kitashirakawa Palace (now Akasaka Prince Hotel), Kioicho, Kojimachiku, TokyoJapan; his father was Crown Prince Eun of Korea
Yi Un the last emperor of korea
and his mother was Princess Bangja, born Masako Nashimoto, a Japanese princess.

Masako Nashimoto a japanese princess and married to Yi Un

 His father (Yi Un) was taken to Japan in December 1907, on the pretext of receiving a modern education. He was enrolled at GakushÅ«in and the Imperial Army Academy, both in Tokyo He was inrolled Korea became a part of Japan in 1910. After his grandfather died On 10 June 1926 his father became the korean Emperor. (demoted Korean sovereign's title after the Japan-Korean Annexation Treaty). His father also joined the Japanese army, and helped them during the second world war. Korea became independed after the second world war. His father made a requested permission from President Syngman Rhee to be allowed to return to Korea with his family, but was refused. In 1953 Prince Yu Ki went to  Centre CollegeDanvilleKentucky and studied architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There he met his future wife, Julia Mullock.
Yu Gi on left with Julia Mullock

 He married her in 1959 and both of them adopted a daughter named Eugenia Unsuk After his study he worked in New York from 1960 to 1964. After the fall of Syngman Rhee (The first president of korea) He will return to korea in 1963 with the help of the new president. He moves back to korea with his wife and his mother. He lectured on architecture at Seoul National University and Yonsei University and also managed his own airline, Shinhan. When that went bankrupt in 1979, he went to Japan to earn money. In 1982, his family forced him to divorce his wife because she was sterile; his mother died in 1989. He started living with a Japanese astrologer, Mrs. Arita.In November 1996, he made what he hoped would be his permanent return to Korea but, showing signs of a nervous breakdown, he was unable to adjust to life in Korea.Restlessly going back and forth between Japan and Korea, he eventually died of a myocardial infarction, a heart attack, at the age of seventy-three, on 16 July 2005 at the Akasaka Prince Hotel, the former residence of his parents in Tokyo, Japan. His funeral was held on 24 July 2005 and his posthumous title decided as "Prince Imperial Hoeun of Korea" by the Lee Family Council.

Crown Prince Euimin and Princess Masako (Bangja), 1917

Julia Mullock and Yi Gu

His father died 1 may 1970 (Age 72) and spend the last 10 years of his life in korea. 
His mother died 30 April 1989 (age 87)
Yi Gu 16 July 2005 (aged 73)
Jullia Mullock would be still alive and be 85 by now

Julia Mullock

Credits to: Wikipedia for all the information. I hope everything i write is good and true as well. And didn't misunderstood something. 

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  1. This is quite informative. I don't know much about Korean history (except bits about the Korean war and how they were under Japanese rule), but this was a really good read.