Wednesday, 31 July 2013

[DRAMA] Tamra the Island

This time i write about a korean drama i have watched some time ago. Tamra, the Island (Hangul: 탐나는도다; RR: Tamnaneun Doda). It was aired in 2009 starring Seo Woo, Im Joo-hwan and Pierre Deporte and has 16 episodes.

In this drama and young english boy, William J. Spencer (Pierre Deporte), set sail to Japan with his friend Yan (Lee Sun-Ho) . In the year 1640 Japan was a closed country and only traded with the Netherlands. William sails off to Nagasaki in order to open the “aquatic silk road” between Japan and England – but mostly to escape his creepy and overbearing mother and an arranged marriage. Yan is promised a handsome reward if he can drag her son back in time for the wedding and hightails it after his "friend." When they are close to japan a storm comes and william get into the sea, he finally reach the island of Tamra (now better known as Jeju island). On the island lives Jang Beo-jin (Seo Woo) she  is a young female diver on Tamra Island. She doesn't particularly enjoy her situation and dreams of one day leaving the island. One day, to her shock, she discovers William laying on the beach. Another young man named Park Kyu enters the island under the disguise of one of the many convicts sent to Tamra Island. In actuality, Park Kyu (Lim Ju-Hwan) is a budding government official known as a Seonbi. These three young people then become involved in a hilarious love triangle.

The cast:


Tamra-Seo Woo-m1.jpg Tamra-Pierre Deporte-m1.jpg Tamra-Ju-hwan Lee-m1.jpg Tamra-Seung-min Lee-m1.jpg Tamra-Seung-ho Lee-m1.jpg
Seo Woo Pierre Deporte Lim Ju-Hwan Lee Seung-Min Lee Sun-Ho
Jang Beo-Jin William Park Kyu Seo Rin Ahn Kawamura
Tamra, the Island-Kim Mi-Kyeong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Byeon Woo-Min.jpg Tamra, the Island-Kim You-Jung.jpg Tamra, the Island-Yang Hee-Kyeong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Lee Ho-Jae.jpg
Kim Mi-Kyeong Byeon Woo-Min Kim You-Jung Yang Hee-Kyeong Lee Ho-Jae
Choi Jam-Nyeo Jang Won-Bin Jang Beo-Sul Park Kyu's mom Park Cheol
Tamra, the Island-Seo Beom-Sik.jpg Tamra, the Island-Park Joon.jpg Tamra, the Island-Park Woong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Lee Ho-Seong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Jo Seung-Yeon.jpg
Seo Beom-Sik Park Joon Park Woong Lee Ho-Seong Jo Seung-Yeon
Jun Chi-Yong nobleman Song Priest crazy old man assistant governor Kim
Tamra, the Island-Bang Eun-Hee.jpg Tamra, the Island-Jeong Ju-Ri.jpg Tamra, the Island-Kim Ho-Won.jpg Tamra, the Island-Yoo Tae-Woong (1994).jpg Tamra, the Island-Jang Kyeong-Ah.jpg
Bang Eun-Hee Jung Ju-Ri Kim Ho-Won Yoo Tae-Woong Jang Kyoung-Ah
Ko Ba-Soon Han Ggeut-Bun Hyang Dol-I Han Phillip Hong Si-Yeon
Tamra, the Island-Kim Byeong-Chun.jpg Tamra, the Island-Song Gwi-Hyun.jpg Tamra, the Island-Robert Holley.jpg Tamra, the Island-Lee Byung-Joon.jpg Tamra, the Island-So Young-Don.jpg
Kim Byeong-Chun Song Gwi-Hyun Ha Il Lee Byung-Joon So Young-Don
public official An Hong Goo-Rak Park Yeon king In-Zo prince So-Hyun
Additional Cast Members:
- Credits to:,_the_Island

What i think of the drama, it had a pretty strong story, except it didn't ended the way i wanted it but that can happen it was still good. It had it's really funny moments and also serious moments.  Since i'm dutch i could understand the parts they did in dutch. In the begin when he talks "dutch" I could not understand him. I think a french guy who is playing an english guy and letting him speak dutch didn't worked out well. That is the same for the korean guy who tried to speak dutch, it wasn't the best thing i heard but also not really bad. Some points in the drama the dutch was good. But i think real dutch people where talking. It's worth to watch this drama!

The drama can be found online to watch - It worth to take a look to it.


  1. Hello~ (^o^)/ I remember seeing this drama being promoted on DramaCrazy a long time ago. I never watched it, but I think my mom did. ^^ Thanks for the recommendation~!

    1. I hope you enjoy the drama, i was really happy for some reason to hear dutch in a korean drama XD even knowing the person who is playing william and the person who is playing Yan don't speak good dutch

    2. Oh, that's how I am when I hear English being spoken in a drama. What is a little funny though is that they tend to speak quite slow and put too much emphasis on certain parts of a word--almost like they're reading word for word from something. ^^